The Woman in Black

“During afternoon tea, there’s a shift in the air. A bone-trembling chill that tells you she’s there. There are those who believe the whole town is cursed. But the house in the marsh is by far the worst. What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back. The specter of darkness, the Woman in Black.”

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliff) is a young lawyer who lost his wife during the birth of his son. He is a hardworking man who will do anything to take care of his family. Duty calls when he is ordered to go to the home of a recently diseased woman who lives in a remote marsh. When the local town catches wind that Mr. Kipps will be working at the remote house they start to fear what he might uncover while he works within the walls of the creepy home. He soon starts hearing noises and seeing shadows of an old woman in black. The town seems to think that it is somehow cursed as children keep dying unexpectedly and in bizarre circumstances. Is this the result of a woman scorned or is it just a superstition? Without the help from the town Mr. Kipps races to find out what the secret of the Woman in Black is.

Daniel Radcliff picked the perfect project to stray away from the Harry Potter series and I am glad he did. Now don’t get me wrong; the Harry Potter series is pretty awesome but the fact of the matter is most child actors don’t go very far within their acting careers. Take Shirley Temple for instance, she ended up not getting any major roles after growing out of her child faze. In any case it was a perfect decision on his part to take the chance on this character and just proves that we will be seeing much more of him throughout the coming years.

If you enjoy a good ghost story from time to time, The Woman in Black is such a treat to watch. Finally a really good ghost story that is not filmed like a home movie or a documentary but encompasses what a good ghost story should. The movie also has tidbits of British humor which I am a big fan of. Really good ghost stories like this one will chill you to the bone and startle your senses. Not an award winning movie but an excellent spine tingling story without the gore and special effects we have all become anesthetized to. Don’t miss this one in theaters I promise you won’t be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars.