Project X

By Chris D.

Project X is a wild ride fueled by drugs, booze, nudity, strong language, and a mob mentality. It starts off very slow, like every other day at high school (for most of us), and then quickly escalates into a series of events that seem inevitable, like watching dominoes fall.

The story follows three teens: Thomas, Costa, and JB. Costa and JB are on a mission to execute the biggest birthday bash known to man for their best friend Thomas. Their mission? To hopefully change their reputations as high school losers. Of these three, Costa is the only one whose real life name is not the same as his character. Many of the characters in this film used their real names, much to my surprise.

When I first read the film’s synopsis, the following phrase was included: “Project X is a warning to teens, parents and law enforcement.” Naturally, I assumed the film was going to be a documentary laced with lessons for the viewers. While I can’t say more without giving away what happens, I was surprised — and that’s saying something.

Nima Nourizadeh showcases his skills on the silver screen for the first time in a non-documentary capacity, though the film is very documentary-esque. I have to give him two thumbs up for creating a very funny, visually appealing, and emotionally charged film.

The best part for me was the comedy, which I’m sure resonated with younger viewers more, but was hilarious none-the-less. It’s a triumph for true laugh-out-loud film-making.

My only criticism comes from a scene near the end, which seems completely implausible given the realistic nature of the film. This particular scene felt very out of place. At the risk of ruining the moment for you, I will simply say that the drug dealer really lights up the scene, albeit
in a very unlikely manner.

I would call this underdog film an unexpected win.

4 out of 5 stars.