John Carter (Skewed & Reviewed NW)

John Carter is Disney’s latest foray into the live action film business. It’s based on a set of old publications (circa 1917) of the same name (John Carter of Mars). This movie follows the title character, played by Taylor Kitsch, who is an American Civil War Legend, on a wondrous journey to Barsoom, a place we Earthlings know better as Mars.

Taken from the 11-volume storyline written by famed author Edgar Rice Burroughs, Disney’s adaptation follows our hero on his first journey to the Red Planet. After watching this wildly successful spectacle of a film, I certainly hope more of the novels will be adapted as well.

The story starts out with John’s mysterious death, at which time his nephew Ned (Daryl Sabara) is brought into the mix for reasons unknown to the viewers. The story unfolds through the aid of John’s journal, which contains explanations for all these mysteries.

The journal’s story takes us back in time to when John Carter was first transported to Barsoom (Mars). The story’s main plot arc begins as John discovers the gravitational difference between Earth (Jasoom) and Mars. Excitement ensues despite John’s reluctance to participate.

The story takes you on a fantastical journey through a desert landscape, the two last cities of the Barsoomian people, encampments of the planet’s other natives (green skinned, four-armed humanoids), and even into sun-powered flying machines!

If you are a fantasy adventure fan, as I am, this film will not disappoint. In addition to the visually stunning effects, great acting, and energetic action sequences, it has all the tell-tale signs of a classic. There is no doubt in my mind that this film will become a regular part of many top lists, and it is certain to find its way into my collection.

Rated PG-13, this film does have quite a few action scenes, including one near the end that surprised me, given that it’s a Disney production.

This is a film best enjoyed on the big screen, so I encourage you not to wait, and go be taken on the adventure!

4 out of 5 Stars.