The Darkness 2

Mixing horror and action can be a delicate balance, but when it is done correctly, it’s a riveting combination. Dead Space, F.E.A.R. and Resident Evil have been great examples of this, and 2K has created a grand mix of mayhem and macabre with The Darkness 2. The game casts players as a gangster named Jackie who, after the events of the previous game, lets loose a very dark passenger inside his head that he’d been struggling to contain.

When a daring attempt on his life is made, an injured Jackie has no choice but to unleash the inner demon to survive.
The demon equips Jackie with two deadly tentacles which can lash out and rend enemies, as well as grasp objects to hurl objects at enemies with graphic results.

As the game unfolds, players will gain new abilities which they can select from a skill tree. The ability to eat an enemies heart, give them a colonoscopy from hell, and more are all part of the grisly mayhem that can be unleashed.
But wait, the fun does not stop there, players can also duel, wield weapons and mow down the bad guys while letting the demonic tentacles do their damage. Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and more can all be used to settle the score quickly.

This is not to say that The Darkness 2 is all run and gun. There is some clever strategy at play and a very interesting story as well for players to work their way through. For example, the British goblin who accompanies you and adds more than a touch of help and comic relief. Also, the fact that your demon hates the light and forces you to eliminate or avoid light sources often is a nice twist on the usual formulaic shooter.

Graphically the game does look a bit dated on the PC as the previous game was a console only offering. It is clear that this is a port of a console as the check point save system and character models did not really allow my system and new EVGA GTX dual core to fully show off. That being said, the gameplay was smooth, addictive, and despite the lack of a multiplay option, I found myself drawn in. While it will not be a big leap to say that The Darkness 2 does not offer any huge leaps in tech or gameplay, it does offer gamers some fun fragging and will provide hours of entertainment to fans of shooters and horror.

3.5 stars out of 5.