Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus has arrived on the PlayStation Vita portable gaming system. The game is the latest in the long-running popular series that basically casts players as a ninja who uses an arsenal of devastating moves and weapons to lay waste to all the enemies that crosses his path. With the advanced abilities, PlayStation Vita players will be able to do such unique moves as tilt the system to aim their bows and use the tactile touchscreen on back of the system to access the Ninpro, a special attack technique.

Graphically the game is amazing and rivals anything that you will find on consoles. It provides seamless action that is not for the faint of heart. Take note this is an M rated game for good reason as the blades and blood flies frequently in the game. Mercy is definitely absent from this game.

The enemies give as good as they get and you will need to use every weapon and trick in your arsenal to overcome them as this is definitely a challenging game. The control system will take some getting used to as being a new platform. Despite the dual analog six motion control touchscreen in the back and the familiar buttons for any PlayStation user there is still a bit of a learning curve. But that being said, within a short amount gameplay I was slashing away like there was no tomorrow.

There are multiple gameplay modes for difficulty and I highly suggest utilizing them as some of the levels can be exceedingly difficult and for newcomers the challenge may be too great and frustration levels can rise. That being said if you’re looking for the console action in a pocket-sized platform than this is definitely a game for you and signifies yet another strong title the PlayStation Vita.