Pirates! A Band of Misfits

The Movie begins with two pirates fighting in the dining hall, then enters the not so famous Captain Pirate with his long wavy beard filled with curls. The pirates were fighting over what the best part of being a pirate was, the looting, no the booty, no Captain Pirate says its ” HAM NIGHT” followed by a cherry song! Captain Pirate is a friendly man of the sea with his crew filled of pirates just as friendly and a “parrot” named Polly.

The Captain decides to enter the Pirate of the Year contest and docks at port to sign up. With voices of Salma Hayek and Jeremy Piven as his main competitors to be the one with the most treasure, the Captain must up his game if he wants to get more booty to win the Pirate of the year award so the Captain sets sail on a quest to take over ships and get his treasure. Running in to nothing but disappointment along the way he finally comes upon the ship of the scientist Charles Darwin on a quest of his own. Charles wants to find the most rarest of creatures to bring back to Queen Victoria for the top scientist to have a private audience with the Queen.

When he meets the Captain Pirate he sees that Polly is not a parrot but a dodo bird, the rarest find of all. The Captain goes back with Charles to enter the contest in hopes of winning and getting the biggest treasure.

Filled with surprises, catchy songs and a monkey that speaks through cards this movie is not only fun for the whole family but well worth seeing in 3D The colors pop on screen and guarantee laughs. Good Family Fun.

3 out of 5 stars.