Daily News for 5/10/2012 Alcatraz is gone, Star Trek is Done, and The Arrested Development Saga Continues

“The Hunger Games” has been approved for theatrical release in China by the Chinese government. They only allow a certain number of foreign films to be shown so this is a really big deal for Lionsgate who produced the film.

It is really hard to believe that the Chinese government would be in favor of a film about a totalitarian government who requires the population to sacrifice its young people for the good of society.

FOX has axed the J.J. Abrams series Alcatraz as despite solid ratings for the premiere, the show quickly lost viewers in the following weeks.

Not all is bad for Abrams as word is coming from Chris Pine and Zach Quinto that they have completed filming on the next “Star Trek” movie.

Kiefer Southerland will be back for another season of Touch, lets hope he finds time to make that 24 movie soon.

It seems that the Arrested Development movie may be off. Fear not fans, with 10-13 episodes coming in early 2013 on Netflix, the plans are in place to continue the series with future seasons of the show via Netflix streaming and as such, this will allow the series to continue. Fans of the Bluth family had wondered if the humor and style of the show would transfer well to the big screen, but can be content with a few more seasons of new material on the small screen.