The Shining 2, Prometheus 2, R.E.D. 2, The Smurfs 3, ID 4 2 and 3, X-Files 3, and More in Daily News

The sequel is not even out yet, but “The Smurfs 3” is already in the planning stages. So, three apples high and coming at you in 3D is what audiences have in store.

Stephen King has a couple of projects coming. First, a follow up to “The Shining” which follows a grown Danny dealing with his otherworldly visions, and The Reach, from his Skeleton Crew short story collection about an elderly lady crossing a frozen area.
While interesting, I would much rather see King’s The Long Walk and The Jaunt turned into films. I know Frank Darabont has the rights to The Long Walk but with the huge success of “The Hunger Games” this could be a solid hit if done correctly.
R.E.D. 2 is coming and the cast from the original is back and this time Catherine Zeta Jones is coming along.

ID 4 parts 2 and 3 are still in the planning stages, this is if Will Smith will come down from his demand of $50 million and a share of the profits, as well as parts for his kids. The interest is there the studio is just unsure how to budget the films to make it work from a business sense.

Fingers crossed on my part but there may yet be life in “The X-Files 3” and Babylon 5, both of which have had some rumors start to swirl once again.

Sir Ridley Scott is a busy man. With the pending release of “Prometheus” and a couple of films already planned, he also has the next “Blade Runner” to contend with as well as a hopeful sequel to “Prometheus”. I hope I have half of his energy when I reach his age, but why not, do what you love and do it well.

Indiana Jones 5 and Jurassic Park 4 may yet be coming sooner than you expect. Details to come.