Daily News For 5/14/2012 TV Shows Axed, Battleship Roars, More Star Wars

Hope the start of your week is better than the news today especially if your a t.v. show.

Awake and Are you There Chelsea? Both got the axe at NBC and popular shows Community and 30 Rock only got 13 episode renewals so expect them both to say their goodbyes soon.

Pan Am has been grounded by ABC as has Cougar Town though reports have it possibly appearing on a new station if a deal can be arranged.

FOX has canned Alcatraz as we reported earlier and officially closed the riff on Terra Nova. There were reports that Netflix wanted the show but with the high cost of production and the cast moving on to other work, this seems unlikely. FOX has yet to say if Bob’s Burgers and Napoleon Dynamite will be returning. At least they will give Fringe 13 episodes to conclude the series.

Warner Bros is looking to do a sequel to “Contagion” and Universal would love to do a foloow up to “Love Actually”.

The Anchorman sequel will have a teaser trailer before selected screenings of “The Dictator” so look for it soon.

George Lucas turned 68 today and though he said he is retired, several Star Wars themed domains have been confirmed in the past few weeks with rumors around that it could be for the rumored Boba Fett spin off.

“The Avengers” has passed the One Billion Dollar mark worldwide while “Dark Shadows” did an anemic 28 million at the box office. When you have a 125 million budget and you are looking at several high priced actions films to compete with in the weeks ahead, perhaps it would have been better to release the film in I dont know, October.

“Battleship” opens in North America this weekend yet has already earned over $215 million worldwide. The foreign box office used to be mainly the U.K. Europe, Australia, and Japan with anything else considered a bonus. Now it is a huge source of revenue as China has become a major outlet as have many nations in South America and Eastern Europe. It is amazing what a stable government will do isn’t it. “Wrath of the Titans” for example did modest business in the states but earned almost three times as much overseas which makes a third film likely.

Thats it for now, have a safe and happy Monday all.