Tonight You’re Mine

Indie music sensation Adam (Luke Treadaway) is interrupted from shooting his band’s new music video by a childish fight with punk rock girl Morello (Natalia Tena). In a moment of binding conflict resolution the two characters are handcuffed together starting a concert-filled night of adventure and romance for the two musicians and their variety of hipster friends.

Like a sharply cut YouTube video, “Tonight You’re Mine” is quick-paced, jostled, and deeply impacted by the music in the background. The film is scattered with songs to represent all musical genres found at the giant Scottish music festival that serves as the film’s sole environment. Moreover, this continual musical metamorphosis helps to skirt the fatigued plot: of a boy who dislikes a girl until they fall in love.

But the film avoids the image of squeaky-clean new lovers by literally marching the leads through the muddy grounds of the festival. The expansive habitat invites the characters to be odd and open to rapidly changing experiences, sounds, and obstacles. The empowered characters take advantage of the freedoms offered by the concerts, filling the scenes with gritty honest language that pokes fun, sling insults, and express emotions directly. The result is a film that is as hip and likeable, just like Adam and Morello.

While you know better than to root for a perfect ending, “Tonight Your Mine” has the draw of an indie “High School Musical”; the love story is so far-fetched that you can’t help but hope it will all turn out in end.
The single night adventure film spun around, “Tonight You’re Mine” provides audiences with characters who are more engaging, slightly darker, and quickly established as too cool to care what their critics think. The result is a film that is honest and very likeable even when the plot is one you already know by heart.