My Prometheus Thoughts on the Big Questions of the Film Which Have Not Been Answered

Potential Spoilers, You have been warned.

So here are a few of my thoughts on the film after seeing it again this weekend following our press screening the week prior.

First, the Engineers may be a type of Angel. In the bible, the Angels assisted God. Some of them, Lucifer, grew ambitious for power and were cast out. They in turn suffered greatly.

The Engineers may have been created to assist with the creation of life in the universe. They decided to go upon their own agenda, their creations turned on them, and for the most part, wiped them out of existance. The price they paid for their arrogance.

The Engineer we saw at the start of the film may have been cast out or punsished, sort of an expulsion from paradise. His actions created life on earth which essentially were an accident and not part of the grand plan of the engineers. Why they waited until almost 2000 years ago to wipe us out and perhaps changed their mind is a mystery.

I think Shaw may find a mostly dead world when she reches their homeworld. I think that they had a huge disaster on their world of their own creation hence the events depicted in the holographic sequence in the film.

Something they created got out and they paid a severe price. It is likely they may have been fighting with one another as I asked myself time and again, what were they building weapons of mass destruction for. There are easier ways to wipe out a ecosystem than unleashing hostile organisms that you will have to contend with down the road.

One thing is for sure, they have created many weapons and something got them in a bad way, to the point where they abandoned their facility and there was no follow up from others of their kind.

Why did the Engineers provide a map to their weapons facility? I think it was a test. If you can figure out the clues and travel to us, then you are a potential threat that must be dealt with. Why else would the Engineer act so hostile to the humans he encountered upon being awakened? They came to their secret area, and have basically challenged their place in the universe.

The life form at the end? Well the big hugger shows that Human DNA is key for the Aliens as we know them. David opened a vat of primordial facehuggers that intereacted well with Halloway’s DNA and passed it on to Shaw. It grew and voila, we have the early stages of the facehugger and Alien. How it becomes what we know from the classic films is a matter of specualtion but we will know more in time.

I have to wonder what Shaw is doing since one attacked her on sight, going to a planet full of them in one of their ships is not a great idea. Unless she plans to offload her cargo of weapons on them in an effort to end the threat to Earth once and for all.



  1. middi1 said:

    You have some great ideas. As a fan of the Alien series, I was so excited for Prometheus. I loved it. I really liked your take on the film, because in the opening, I thought the Engineer was testing the bio weapon on himself. But I also noticed during the opening credits, the DNA strand “reconstructed” itself, so your theory makes perfect sense!

    I also like the use of holograms to clue us in on a few things. But the remaining question is (well 2 actually) what were they running from? Because it wasn’t one of their own that was infected attacking them. It never showed up on the hologram.

    Also, (#2) did you see the Alien mural? It was very hard to see because they showed it so quick and it was very dark. But it looked like a Queen Alien over top of a crucified drone Alien (from the 1st film..look at the head)? So to me, that suggests that the Alien was created before the whole human host thingy/Engineer/evolution, right?

    Another thought is that, perhaps the black ooze, was somehow harvested form the Queen/Alien race, as that mural looked like the Queen & Alien were being “used” or put on display.

    Lastly, the Android said that there were lots of other ships in the underground base. So what if the Engineers were testing on other “beings” from other words. Gathering data on how efficient their bio weapons will work on them. What if something else we haven’t seen before was actually chasing them, that makes the Queen/Aliens look like a crate full of puppies?

    June 10, 2012
  2. middi1 said:

    Another concept work seems to suggest the the Alien (we’ve come to know an love) was created prior to it’s human host:

    Mural Concept Artwork

    Also, do you have any clue what the android “really” said to the Engineer? Because even though he was programed, he had ulterior motives. He wanted Mr. Wayland dead, and it seemed as if he developed a little bit of a “god-complex” LOL!

    June 10, 2012
  3. Gareth von Kallenbach said:

    What he said is a great question and it up for some serious debate. He seemed suprised to see the people until David spoke and turned very hostile soon after.

    June 10, 2012

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