Our E3 2012 Borderlands 2 Hands On Preview

After being escorted to the gaming area, I was taken with the elaborate decor which consisted of pipes and decor in keeping with the games locale. I was paired with another journalist as we were going to play co-op through a level of the game.

We were allowed to select a character that best suited our play style, and even shown a couple that had yet to have been announced. Since I am a guns blazing type of guy, I chose Salvador the Gunzerker.

This was a very wise choice as in no time; I was slugging it out with a host of enemies both mechanical and organic. The A.I. was solid as the troops took cover and advanced on me, and thankfully the vast array of weapons I had was up to the task. The original Borderlands offered over 7.5 million weapon combinations thanks to the amazing crafting system, and I was told that this time out they are aiming for a double digit option in the millions for the weapons.

From pistols to energy pistols I was able to take down some bad guys, but the machine guns were more my style. Sadly even this firepower is not always enough and death comes frequently in game. Being able to respawn at a spawn station helped and I was back in the action in no time.

A nice touch allows gamers to fight for their life by dispatching enemies when they are near death. Should you take out an enemy or two, and then you will get a second wind and be able to continue the fight.

When robotic enemies entered the fray I found that my machine guns and pistols were of little use. However, the shotgun was able to unleash some real devastation and let me scrap the mechs. Of course I made sure to collect any salvage that I could from a fallen enemy as you never known what will be needed in the future.

I was able to dual wield in a few tight spots which really helped me turn the tide of a battle on more than one occasion. The game had an amazing speed and smoothness to it, and I noted to the developer that it moved so much faster than the previous game. I was told that that was part of the process and that the humor from the expansions has carried over.

I loved being in a building as opposed to out in the wastelands as being able to drop down on an enemy from the level above was a great tactical advantage.

Upon finishing my level I noted how sharp the graphics were and how responsive the controls were. I did not get a chance to craft any weapons or use a vehicle, but I know that they will be part of the final game.

From what I have seen, this game is not only tons of fun and will be a leap forward from the original, it was clearly one of the best games I saw at the show and will be a must own upon its release.