Geek Goddess Jena Sims Talks About Shooting in 3D With Roger Corman’s Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

Geek Goddess Jena Sims will be at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con to debut her new 3D film “Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader” which will release in August. Jena has appeared in shows raging from Entourage to Dexter as well as Leverge and The Vampire Diaries. Jena was kind enough to talk with us about her film, future projects and all things geek. I want to thank Kelli Jones of MLC PR for setting up this interview. Please Note!!! This is just a portion of the interview, the full interview will appear in the next issue of our magazine which is due out in July.

What inspired you to choose a career in film/TV; do you have any advice for people who are looking to get into the television and or film industry?

When I was 15, I started competing in pageants for scholarship money. That led me to compete at Miss Georgia Teen USA where I won, and advanced to the Miss Teen USA pageant which was telecast live on NBC. That was my first experience being an “on-camera” talent, not to mention primetime on NBC! It was such a rush and a thrill… I knew the minute I walked on stage that I wanted to pursue entertainment! My advice to anyone who might consider entertainment as a career: it is very tough industry in which to thrive. Get ready for lots of rejection and different opinions from complete strangers! It is also very important to have confidence in yourself. I wake up every day, look in the mirror, and tell myself that I can do this. I am going to be a successful actress. It is really important to believe in yourself, because if you don’t- then who will? Acting classes are also important!

Looking at “Cheerleader,” what can you tell us about your character and how you got the part?

I had JUST signed on to a new agency. This was my very first audition with them. I knew I wanted to be a part of the Roger Corman experience, because his legacy is famous for starting the careers of so many well known actors and actresses. I worked on my audition scenes with my coach Jeffrey Marcus, and once I felt like I had nailed this “Cassie” character, I went to the audition. My Mom was actually in town visiting. Maybe she was my good luck charm! The rest is history. I am so thankful to now be a part of Corman’s film family. My character is so fun. It is not your typical “ugly duckling turned beautiful swan” story. I start out as a nerd, with pimples and ratty hair- the whole nine yards, who just wants to please her mom by trying out for cheerleading and joining the sorority. Kyle, my best friend and fellow science nerd and I create this serum that I end up injecting myself with and as a side effect, I turn “pretty” but continue to grow and grow throughout the film. There is a fight between the antagonist and me at the end of the film- but I can’t tell you who wins!

What were some memorable moments from filming?

I met my new best friend on set. Olivia Alexander, who plays my arch enemy in the film, has actually become one of my best friends in real life! During the green screen filming portion, we had a former Ninja Turtle as a stunt coordinator. I can now say that I learned to fight from one of the original Ninja Turtles! Rad right? While we were prepping the fight scene, he would put his hands in a ball, circle them around, and tell us that he was sending us “energy balls” by air throwing them at us. We got such a kick out of it, that to this day we call each other up and ask if the other person is receiving the energy balls we send. It has progressed from energy balls to all kinds of balls- love balls, healing balls, confidence balls, you name it!

Was the film shot in 3D or converted in post production?

It was shot in 3D! I had to get used to the crew guys wearing the funny glasses all the time. They used a Red camera, I believe. It was huge!

How does making a 3D film differ from others and how was working with the FX element to the film?

I learned about the “3D moments” which are the ones that make you squirm in your seat in the theatre. It looks like whatever is on the screen is right in front of you, or being thrown at you. It is all about focusing on different objects. I think filming in 3D takes longer because of the focus. It has to be so precise.

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