The Elder Scrolls Online E3 2012 Preview

As part of our E3 coverage in our next magazine issue, I wanted to share this with you.

The Elder Scrolls Online from Zenimax/Bethesda looks like to be a dream come true for fans of the series and MMORPG enthusiasts. Although hampered by some technical glitches, our presentation nonetheless showed extremely impressive graphics and gameplay features.
Players will be able to create their characters as they go about various quests and to interact with non-player characters along the way. During interactions with other characters, players will be given the option to choose dialogue conversations and missions. What you do or don’t do on the mission will affect the outcome and change the story accordingly.

As an example, we were shown a side quest where the player was informed about a great battle that took place a century earlier. There was mention of a werewolf and as such the player temporarily occupied the body of a character from the past, and went back in time in order to right the previous wrongs. Upon completing the mission, the player now restored to his own body, emerges to find the world changed for the better as a result of his actions in the past.

The scope of the game is extremely impressive as there were countless areas for player to explore. Naturally combat is a big part of games of this type, and what I saw indicated that players would select their target, their weapon, and would attack accordingly. Even though there was the option to do power ups, at this early stage it seemed to be pretty standard stuff for games of the genre. That being said, the demonstration included a look at a massive battle involving 150 live-action players all of whom were on the screen fighting one another at the same time. While it’s still a ways from the game’s release, the developers did say that it would also be scaled to work on various computers that one would not need the most high-end cutting-edge machine in order to truly enjoy the game.