Jurassic Park 4 To Set the Dinosaurs in Space?


Good news!!!! It is fan fiction based on an older idea that was in consideration with many other concepts.

I have contacted my reps at Universal both in Hollywood and with local publicity for Universal, but have not had any confirmation or denials. One person who read the news reported that they called Amblin who hung up on then and Universal who gave a “no comment” to the question about the rumor. Updated 8/20/2012 The source who provided the information said it came to them as what they believed was fan speculation. The odd thing is that the story has grown as there has not been any outright denials from Universal or Amblin when contacted. Now I am still calling this a rumor based on fan speculation and a source submission but they lack of any dismissal from the powers that be is curious.

I know a very early idea had the military using the dinosaurs as a weapons program. Well today we have news that the concept being kicked around would set the film in the near future where Ingen is planting dinos on a forest/jungle planet. A ship full of scientists and crew crashes on the planet forcing them to survive the creatures.

The script is being written by the duo who made “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” so lets hope they can pull this off. I am skeptical as I first heard about a fourth film almost 10 years ago and it was off and on for ages. It was only when Spielberg himself said that it would be out in the next couple of years that I gave it any traction as the studio has confirmed a 2014 release date.

You can be it will be in 3D as well.

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We will see what happens in 2014.