The Odd Life of Timothy Green

By Mark DeGuzman and Gareth Von Kallenbach

Cindy and Jim Green are sitting in an adoption agency, where they’re trying to tell their story about Timothy and how they would be good candidates in adopting a child.
The story they tell, started when they were accepting their fact that they would never be able to conceive and of having a baby. They spend time trying to accept their situation but struggle to come to terms with the heartbreaking reality.

One day Jim decides that they should imagine how their kid would be and write it down on a paper. Going through ideas on how their ideal kid would be as well as imaging how it would feel to be parents, Jim and Cindy decide to lay their ideal kid to rest and bury the paper in a box in their garden.

Little did Cindy and Jim know but something magical happened while they were asleep. A thunder storm appears, raining over their house alone and during the storm, magically, a boy name Timothy appears.

Cindy and Jim was confused at first, but came to realize where Timothy really came from and try their best to make him into an ordinary boy. But, Timothy had a few special features of his own, that would change everything.

Jennifer Garner’s acting was very well convincing as was Joel Egerton, playing Jim Green, a strong supportive husband/dad, C.J. Adams, who played Timothy Green, was very well cast as C.J. made Timothy look like every parent’s ideal kid and made it believable from the start.
The movie is an emotional film that moved more than one member of the test screening audience to tears, but such is the magic of the movies. Taking a fantasy and touching so many people in a deep and personal way.

The film is a really good family movie and it will move you.

4 out of 5 stars