Help Us Track Down the Next Half-Life Game

Need I say more? If you agree leave a comment to show your support. Please share the image on your page, social networks, with friends, etc. If we all join with one another, we can find our missing friend and bring him home.

Hope does spring eternal and thank you to my cousin Elvin DeGuzman for the awesome artwork.

The fans have been very patient, endured little teases and random supposed leaks over the years but enough is enough. Lets get the good Dr. back and lets get back the the action, story, and fun that made the game the standard in shooters. With PAX Prime coming up in just over a week in Valve’s backyard, we thought we should perhaps get the word out a bit but spreading the cartons.

I do not want to see a supposed HL 3 icon in a tech trailer, garbled in a Valve game images, etc. I want at the least Valve to give us a timeline as to when we might see more Half-Lfe. Once we have a date from them, we will put an additional 18 month on it and then we will know when to welcome the good Dr. back.

Yes I am being sarcastic, but seriously, I am a fan and while a new Counter-Strike and DOTA 2 is nice, they are not Half-Life, and while we are at it, Left 4 Dead 3 and Portal 3 anyone?

SKNR Milk Carton