Titanic Blu-ray Edition

The Academy award-winning masterpiece Titanic, has arrived on Blu-ray with a visually stunning four disc set that not only captures the magic and thrills of director James Cameron’s film but expands upon it.

The film tells the tale of starcrossed lovers Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), who although from very different walks of life, meet and fall in love aboard the spectacular but doomed ocean liner during its maiden voyage.

The backdrop and the events of the story are framed by side story about a modern-day treasure hunter who speak with an now elderly Rose about her experiences board the ship as they seek to find the fabled jewel that once belonged to Rose. Moving between the past and the present and with a running time over three hours, the film never once loses interest or momentum as despite knowing what is to come you are likely to find yourself absolutely captivated by the cast and the extremely lavish visuals as well as the very touching storyline.

Cameron spared no expense capturing the majestic look of the ship and crew even down to making sure that the buttons on crew uniforms and dining Hall place settings were not only authentic to the time but also attempted to the ship itself. When the film was first released many people questioned how a film about a ship that everyone knew was good destined to sink could return its $200 million plus investment, but the film became the second-highest grossing box office film in history second only to James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

This extremely impressive set has been digitally remastered and is absolutely stunningly gorgeous to behold. The set also contains the DVD version of the film spread over two discs.

The collection also features over six hours of bonus material and special features including 30 scenes never seen before.

Paramount home entertainment has gone all-out to present the ultimate presentation of this amazing film which took all numerous Academy Awards including best picture and best director. Visually stunning and with picture and sound quality that surpasses even that of the theatrical presentation this is a must own for fans and collectors alike and I could not recommend this release more highly.