Finding Nemo 3D

“Finding Nemo” is the fifth Disney/Pixar film ever made and when it released in May of 2003, and it had the biggest opening weekend for an animated film. How could it not with a heartwarming story and an outstanding cast including; Albert Brooks (Marlin), Ellen DeGeneres (Dory), Willem Dafoe (Gill), and many other big names providing the voices. Like many other Disney/Pixar films, “Finding Nemo” has once again swam to the big screen in Disney Digital 3-D using digital projection to bring the audience along on the journey to help an overly cautious father and his forgetful sidekick find his son Nemo.

The Walt Disney studios along with Pixar studios have a great opportunity to bring in more box office dollars by giving movie-goers of all walks of life to either experience the story for the first time or for the millionth time but in a new and exciting way. A lot of people don’t like 3D technology and at times I am one of those people. Only when a film is filmed in 3D is it actually worth going to see in my opinion. Though I am about to contradict myself, I must say that I was amazed at how well the 3D effects had on the film as the conversion process was masterfully done. One of my favorite things about the film has always been the vibrant colors and attention to detail that the creators put in, all of which can be experienced to a higher extent with the 3D technology. If your doubtful when asking yourself “should I take the kids to see this?” don’t be. It is well worth the price of the ticket.

4 out of 5 stars *