My Ideas for Jurassic Park 4

We know there is a script in production for 2014 but here are a few ideas I had. Do not rest on the tired premise of Dinosaurs run amuck, humans in danger, and keep them from a populated area. I had a person whose ideas I respect greatly on this subject say that he could not believe that in 12 years the best minds in Hollywood could not come up with a good story. He had one great idea of dinos in the desert getting lose and endangering a town. I said perhaps a rival company would turn the dinos on a town and frame Ingen in order to control the dino market.

So for fun, this is what I came up with in 10 min of brainstorming.

Author Michael Crichton introduced the DX virus but it was never used in the films.

Mosquitos play a huge role as their stored blood was what allowed dinos to be cloned. Mosquitos also spread malaria and West Nile. The earth is very different now compared to when Dinosaurs were on it, as fauna, climate, atmosphere, etc have changed. Who is to say the dinos do not have old germs in their blood dna, unless that have mutated, and as such are infecting much of the populace via mosquito transfer? So much so that the Dinosaurs are thriving and becoming dominant again as humanity is in a weakened state from the infection they are not able to defeat. Thus you have dinos, your viral outbreak, etc which forces people in weakend society to fight both disease and dinos to survive. The old “nature finds a way” context as humanity will have sewn the seeds of it’s own destruction.

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