Ravaged Preview

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Ravaged is an upcoming arena first-person-shooter that is being created
by 2 Dawn Games with financing through Kickstarter.

From the Kickstarter Page: “RAVAGED is a multiplayer vehicular FPS being developed by an indie studio that wants to make a fun game without publisher restrictions!”

The arenas are set in a post-apocalyptic world. Various landscapes are reminiscent of Borderlands, but without the bright colors or quite as much flair as a high-budget game can implement. The landscape is artfully done; much better than one would expect, given the budget. The
terrain is quite varied, and, surprisingly, contains a bit of destructible landscape.
I have to imagine it a focal point for the designers, but seems limited to the rocks.

Players can choose from five classes, representing the usual archetypes. Each class has predetermined weapons, and you won’t be able to change weapons or upgrade. I’m curious to see what will be improved upon within the game over time, and whether this world will be expanded upon to include more style and a greater array of options.

For an Indie game, Ravaged is very well done. Unfortunately, this type of game is all too common, and this title contains no real notes of innovation or creativity. It is very much the same as everything else produced in this genre over the last 10 years.

The graphics are impressive and the movement smooth (again, relative to its production budget). However, the classes are not well balanced, the targeting is sloppy, and you can’t even fire from half the vehicles.

The list of concerns is long, but in the end, if you are simply looking for a quick shoot-em-up session, this game should satisfy your needs.

I wish the best to the Ravaged team and hope this is just their first step.

Editor: Jeff Boehm.