We Talk Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, The Twilight Saga and X-Men With Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore is a very busy actor and he was kind enough to speak to us about voicing Master Chief in the new Halo series. He also talked to us about his work in “Twilight” and “The X-Men” series. This is a shorter version of the interview, the full interview will appear in our October magazine. You can subscribe for just .50 cents a month and get the latest issue at Barnes and Noble, simply click the link below.

August Magazine

Are you a fan of the Halo franchise and if so, what is your favorite game in the series?

It’s funny because when my wife and I were first dating she bought me a Halo game as a present. I had bought an Xbox and she wanted to impress me by getting the latest hot game and that’s what they recommended at the store. Halo was the only game I played front to back, all the others didn’t last long, but I’m not such a big fan that I’ve played all of them and have a favorite. I will say though, from what I’ve played of Halo 4, it’s pretty unreal.

Which games have you enjoyed recently and what are you looking forward to playing?

I got to play Halo 4 at Comic Con and was completely beat down by the guys at 343! I can’t wait to play the whole game. I did play a bit of Assassins Creed back in the day and would definitely like to play the newer versions.

What drew you to the role of Master Chief and what can you tell us about it?

It’s a very cool character; he’s iconic even though you don’t know much about him through the game. A lot more is explained in the fictional books. I was originally drawn to the role at first because Master Chief is the ultimate badass soldier, but the more I read in the books of his origins and who he really is, the more I like him as a character.

What character components are you focusing on when creating the role of Master Chief?

It’s hard because I’m in a suit, but I still have to act as this character for the other actors to get what they need out of the scenes. So for me, a lot went into the feeling of being battle hardend and trained at an elite level. I had to try and make him seem agile, precise and fast all the while wearing an amazing suit that’s not the easiest to move in.

What are some of the big difference for you in doing a web series versus major Motion picture, versus TV series?
It’s interesting because when you think of a web series, they don’t typically have the same resources as a major motion picture or TV series. However, this project had a much better budget and an amazing cast and crew, so at no point did it feel different than filming a major motion picture or a T.V series.

With Twilight coming to a conclusion, what are your thoughts on your character, the series, and the fandom associated with it?

I’m happy that I got to play Felix. Of course, like any actor, I would like to see him grow more in the series, but it doesn’t make sense in the story. He was a lot of fun to play, and it was such a great opportunity to be part of the Twilight craze. The fans are absolutely amazing and having people enjoy your projects as much as you do, is all you can really ask for.

As a follow up, any fun or bizarre fan experience you can share?

I’ve been pretty good, but I did have a grandma try and grope my stomach once..so that was weird

Looking back, what were some of your most memorable experiences from X-Men and what did you think of “X-Men: First Class”?

I think being in such a massive movie with amazing actors early in my career, just really blew me away. I do remember flying over to Victoria, BC for some filming and being in the rear of the plane with Sir Ian Mckellan, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, and just thinking “how did I get here?”

I thought “First Class” was great. As a moviegoer, it was a blast to watch