Dead Island: Riptide Preview

You all remember Dead Island, right? That hugely anticipated game, thanks in large part to that insanely popular trailer, that did not quite live up to expectations due to bugs at launch.

I am probably one of the few who enjoyed it, and still actively plays it. Well, there’s good news for people like me… Deep Silver is bringing us Dead Island Riptide (as I am sure you guessed by the title of this article).

Riptide is a full standalone sequel to Dead Island that was announced earlier this year. I had the chance to see a demo at PAX Prime this year. Deep Silver was very adamant in letting us know that the game is not a remake or expansion, but it is, in fact, its own game.

Riptide will pick up right where Dead Island left off with the same four survivors. You will be able to port your old character over (so long as you are playing on the same system). Also joining our survivors will be a mysterious 5th playable character.
During their escape at the end of the first game, things go wrong and they end up on the island of Palanai. Here on this island is the same basic concept in the first game. Survive. It still has all of the RPG facets that the first game had, but adds in some additional complexities to the gameplay and story line. This includes the use of boats as a necessity in this new water-logged isle, and the addition of new weather patterns and how they will affect your ability to see your surroundings. Of course it wouldn’t be a dead island game without weapon mods, and the combinations just get even more unique.

There’s not a lot more detail than that out there right now, but oddly enough Deep Silver has given a price for the game. The price point of this game will be $49.99, which Deep Silver promises is not a mistake or oversight. It is a full-fledged game, but a game coming at the end of console cycle and they indicated that the price just makes sense given that.

Look for the game to be out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime in 2013.