Ubisoft and NOS Energy Drink Partner for Early Access “Assassin’s Creed III” Character Unlock

Got some really exciting news to share with fans of Assassins Creed III. There is a way to unlock a new character well before it’s offered to the general public. Through a partnership with Ubisoft, NOS® Energy Drink is offering early access to the ULC through its NOS Rewards Series (NRS), a loyalty program that incentivizes fans with custom gear and opportunities for exclusive content, experiences and limited-edition products.

From now until January 31st, the only way for gamers to get the Sharpshooter, master of all firearms (pictured below) is through NRS.

Fans of NOS earn points through collecting codes on specially marked cans of NOS Energy Drink and creating an NRS account on Drink Nos

All it takes is one NOS Rewards Series point to get the early access. That’s it. That’s what NOS is about. No nonsense. No gimmicks. Just the goods.