Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the latest combat simulation from Electronic Arts and combines a deep and action-packed storyline with cutting-edge graphics.
Based on the Frostbite 2 engine which power last year’s Battlefield 3, the game is extremely impressive looking.

For this review I use the PC version of the game and I did have a few issues on launch day primarily the inability to connect to a multiplayer game or have one launch without crashing or locking up. This issue was quickly addressed a little over a day later with a patch which allowed me to connect online and play several multi-play games without incident.

Told the series of flashbacks, players will fight through various international hotspots ranging from Pakistan to Somalia with the latest weaponry available.
One mission required me to come ashore off Somalia with my team fight my way to a strategic location eventually pinpointing it with a laser to: the big guns. Another mission had me go through a terrorist training regiment complete with storming an airliner mockup.

The biggest issue for me was that I had a hard time really getting into the character as he much like my fellow team members for too often came across as anonymous grunts and did not really earn any compassion or sympathy from me toward their ultimate fate. Too often I found myself simply wanting to stay alive to complete the mission and see what is next rather than any compassion for my character or their companions.

The plot while engaging didn’t grab me and let go as much as I wanted it to. The game certainly has a lot going for it from the graphics and gameplay, I just wish that the bugs could have been worked out prior to launch because they honestly were deterrent to me during several parts of the game.

While the graphics and setting or solid, I did struggle with the Origin system, as I still find it a bit laborious and cumbersome when starting a game or attempting to find an online game. The game does allow for rankings and leveling and there is a solid amount of customization available.

The multiplayer experience for me was very rewarding as once we resolved the connectivity issues, being able to become part of a fire team was very rewarding. The different classes such as snipers, assault, etc. allow gamers to find a style of play that best suits them but also to experiment with different styles and weaponry. Fighting to take and maintain strategic points in a Philippine village as well as a Eastern European Stadium were definitely high points. On one hand I had to use the camouflage of the jungle and village to advance all the while being mindful of open spaces less any enemy sniper decide to make an example of me.
The nighttime setting of the Stadium worked exceptionally well but the shadows also provided ample areas for the bad guys to get a drop on you.
Suffice it to say for me the online experience was the real high point of the game for me as with numerous options the game as high replay value in this area.

While the grain graphically looked good, I did have issues with the control system even when I customize my controls, I did it time had issues with things such as grenades throwing on their own. A remap the keys did help alleviate this problem and allowed me to have a better gameplay experience.
The scope of the game is extremely ambitious and the team is to be commended for not doing just another run and gun shooter. The enemy A. I. did leave a lot to be desired as they far too often just lined up in charge blindly toward me. Adjusting the difficulty setting did help slightly but with a minimal amount of strategy they often one down fairly easily.

This is not to say that the game is a bad game by any means, as I’m sure that by the time a few more patches are applied to it it will be one solid game.
As it stands now it’s a fun game in need of some polish that could have been a true classic with a little more development time.

3 stars out of 5