Star Trek: TNG Season 2 Preview Event Episode Review

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Before we go any further, on behalf of myself and all the amazing folks @ ‘Skewed & Reviewed’ …..
I’d like to wish y’all a most excellent seasons greetings! Everybody regardless of religion or
culture seems to have a reason to celebrate during this time of year so i’d just like to convey
my best to all of my fellows whether they be gamers, comic fanatics, movie feinds, whatever!

I’ve got a very ‘unique’ movie review this time around. I might be my last one for the year of 2012 I don’t
know yet. But i’ve gotta say, it’s definately a good one to cap off the year with.
Definately one worth remebering.

These days, alot of movie theaters are having a tough go at it. I mean, nowadays they have more competition
than they did a few years ago what with digital downloads, dvds, you name it.

Some theaters are taking a unique approaches to try and turn things around. Some are re-releasing classic movies
from years ago before the digital age, some are going into business showing events suchs as rock concerts. A few
are even having limited releases of some of the best episodes from t.v. shows current and long past which brings us to
todays review.

There’s a belief that there are some things you just don’t mess with … and that defaintely pertains to comics, movies,
and video games. In this case though, it’s a ‘good thing’. Take ‘Star Trek’ for example. In recent years since movies
and T.V. shows started being released on DVD theres’ definately been an effort to capitalize on it even more with with
the various DVD formats and audio options.

Many of us have seen the re-release of the orignal Star Trek TV series on DVD and Blu-ray and with that release came
digitally remastered cuts with new scenes with new visuals and audios added and thus far those changes and additons
have remained true to and even given the classic series a fresh look. Last week, I had the chance to attend a preview of
sorts that hit theaters for the upcoming release of season 2 of Star Trek:TNG on blu-ray on Dec. 4th

Now, i’m not a ‘die hard trekkie’ by any means. But as a kid, I did watch the original Star Trek t.v. and Star Trek:TNG.
And of course, when Star Trek: DS9 came around while I was in high school I was still a fan. I can rmember thinking once
or twice how cool it would be to watch these on the big screen. Well, I had the chance and it was indeed awesome!
I more folks are ‘trekkies’ than they’d want to admit because the theater I was in was empty until minutes after the showing
started. THEN …. the whole theater was abound with fans. By the time previews were over there wasn’t an empty seat in the

The preview fo Star Trek:TNG season 2 featured two iconic episodes, “The Measure Of A Man” which tackled the dilema
regarding whther or not ‘Data’ as an artifical intelligence was a sentient being and whether or not he was property and as
such could be considered a ‘slave’ and “Q Who” featuring ‘Q’, one of the Star Trek’s most notorious characters as well as
the first appearence of the Borg. Perhaps the most terrifying villians in the Star Trek universe. The showing also new footage
never before seen in the orignal television showing and included segments from a reunion with the cast of Star Trek:TNG.
The theater showing also included a featurette included with the season 2 boxset on how they went about converting the
film version of Star Trek:TNG to digital format and how they capitalized on the improvements in audio technoledgy/formats.

Earlier, i mentioned that I was not a ‘die hard trekkie’ but by the time the showing ended, I was on my feet giving a standing
ovation along with the rest of the audience members in the theater. So i’m a ‘trekkie’ big deal! If there is a ‘trekkie’
or more in your family, the Star Trek:TNG season 2 blu-ray is defiantely a must for your holiday gift list!