Universal Citywalk Rings in 2013 in Style

one of our L.A. area regional reps, Asante Hawkins, got to ring in 2013 in a big way at Universal City Walk, the mix of music, lights, entertainment, and attractions, drew a huge audience and here is the recap of her evening.

New Years Eve on City Walk was amazing and very exciting. We saw lights and the people that were there were filled with energy and the promise of what 2013 will bring. Local news media were out in force covering the New Years Eve events at Universal and a wide range of guests were on hand. We saw a guy with a huge Mohawk who had Transformers on one side and 2013 on the other side and really caught the mood of the evening perfectly.

As we kept walking and we saw people flying in the skydiving simulator and the people watching it were very entertained, almost as much as those taking part in the ride. For those looking for music, City Walk did not disappoint as there was also Christmas music being played throughout City Walk.

Despite the cold the impressive entertainment more than made up for the chill in the air. There were two events happening when we arrived, one event was at the 5 towers the other event was in the front next to the Universal Globe. The 5 towers offered an impressive set of talent including Jamar Rogers, Diego Val and Dj Howly. They were really good. Jamar Rogers and Diego Val are from the voice and they sounded amazing in person. Their energy really fired up the already excited audience.

Many people wearing 2013 hats and were highly excited to bring in the new year. I didn’t get to see the whole concert but what I saw was amazing. I loved it!! My husband and I enjoyed the big crowds of people all taking in the magic of the evening. Security was present throughout the evening every once in a while telling everyone to stay safe and if we drink then to drink responsibly which helped ensure a safe evening for all.

Since I love to shop, we went to the Grinchmas store and saw all the things that they were selling which was a dazzling array of items. Of course there was also so many great dining options which made making a choice very tough.

The fireworks that followered were highly impressive and between that and hearing and seeing the artists perform was very entertaining. It was a great way to go into the new year and I highly suggest you make your plans for next year as City Walk is the place to be.