Vincent M Ward (Oscar) Talks The Walking Dead

AMC Was kind enough to send this over.

Actor Vincent M. Ward, who plays Oscar on AMC’s The Walking Dead, describes how his life has paralleled Oscar’s, shares a secret skill he kept from his cast-mates and ponders a crime-fighting future for Axel and Oscar.

Q: Have you turned into a full-fledged zombie nerd now that you’ve been on the show?

A: No. I can’t say that I have. But I enjoyed what I was doing on the show — big time — and meeting some real cool people. To hear how excited and enthused everyone is about the comic books? I’m thinking I might start reading some!

Q: You’ve played cops, pimps, bodyguards, and a CIA agent. Why do you think you’re so often cast as a tough guy?

A: I believe it’s because of my height and my build — a lot of times they don’t want you to make the star look like a midget. At 6’4”, 250 lbs., yeah, sometimes you get typecast! Right now, I’m able to say, “No, I don’t want that part,” and wait patiently to play other parts. But Oscar, he was a good guy.

Q: You were a decorated athlete in high school. How do you find yourself a professional actor?

A: I’ve always been an entertainer. I used to dance on the court when I played basketball. And I used to dance in a rap group, opening up shows for people like MC Hammer, Public Enemy and Special Ed. I used to love dancing. Right after high school, instead of going to college, I was out touring with the rap group and having fun.

Q: Did those dancing skills come in handy on set?

A: Not really. It was all business. Nobody knew that I could really cut a rug.