Victor the Velociraptor Reviews Primal Carnage

in 2011 just a few weeks after we moved to AZ to open our second office, we took a scheduled trip to Hawaii. While on Kiai, my mom and Genevieve found a young Velociraptor in a local shop and adopted him. We named him Victor and since then he has been a great addition as he guards our desks and computers and helps out. Victor recently asked if he could do some writing for us, and we happily agreed and let him sink his teeth in his first review which is below.

For my first review I asked Gareth and Genevieve to let me review the new
dino game Primal Carnage.
They agreed that it was the perfect game for me to review, especially with
my experience with the subject matter, so I sank my teeth into it, so to

The game is developed by Lukewarm media and published by Reverb, it is an
online game, that allows players to play as either human hunters (Boo) or
as various dinosaurs (Yeah!).

The objective of the game is simple, kill
or be killed. Playing naturally as the dinosaurs, I had the choice of
being a Tyrannosaurs, a Novaraptor, Dilophosaurus, Pteradon, Carnotaurus,
or a Spinosauraus in the latter stages of the game. The dinos play from a
third person perspective and each has their own strengths and weaknesses.
Do you go for the sheer mass and power of the T-Rex or do you want a
faster approach as a Novaraptor where leaping, slashing, and biting are
all essential.You can also take the air with the Pteradon and strafe, bite, and slash
your enemies.

In the first person perspective, players can play as mercenaries and use
weapons ranging from fire, nets, shotguns, and grenades, as well as an
assortment of guns to bring down the rampaging heard. The humans fall
into categories such as Commando, Scientist, Pathfinder, Trapper, and
Pyromaniac and naturally each has their own weapons and skill sets which
allows players to find the one that is best suited for them.

There is a Team Deathmatch mode which will be familiar to anyone who plays
games on a regular basis as well as a as “Get-to-the-Chopper-mode” where
players must battle to get to an evacuation point.

When I first played the game, I had some issues with graphical drops, lag,
and various in game glitches. Thankfully this got better as time went
along and updates were applied. The control system did take some getting
used to as I found myself crashing the Pteradon often and working to find
the best characters for my style of play. That being said, I had a lot of
fun and was able to overlook some of the issues. The game is a nice
diversion for those looking for some fun escapism online and offers
enough variety to keep things fun and interesting for all types
of gamers.

3.5 out of 5.