Cirque Du Soliel Amaluna

By Tracey Barrientos

The magic and mystery of Cirque Du Soleil has returned to the Seattle area right smack dab in the middle of Redmond’s Marymoor Park under a huge heated big top. The spectacular shows premise follows a young woman who lives on an island that is governed by all sorts of creatures and goddesses. The young woman Miranda falls in love with one of the men that is a part of a group of pirates that become marooned on the island.

Cirque Du Soleil always brings a more modern take on the old circus acts of juggling to juggling with fire, tight rope walking to tight rope walking with high heels, contortionists with elements of water, the use of clowns as comedy relief and many other surprises hiding around each and every corner. The show provides entertainment for the whole family with a wide array of acts, beautiful set design and costumes. It is almost hard to blink with fear of missing something magical.

Amaluna is full of spectacular set designs that embody the beautiful colors of peacocks and paradise. A big pool of water that looks almost like a goblet is placed in the center of the stage. This is where a beautiful scene takes place between the goddess of the moon and the young woman Miranda. The godess seems to be introducing Miranda to the magical wonders of the water. The scene includes contorting along with water elements, areal acts and amazing music. The revolving circular stage also provides depth to the stage and helps the audience not miss a single beat. The music of the show has a rock concert feel to it and gets your feet tapping along with the beats. Once you hear the music you will get goosebumps with the otherworldly sounds that coincide with the story.

The show made me feel as though I was having an amazing dream that I did not want to wake up from. I was just as curious as the main character Miranda who was just enthralled with all the magical performances that were happening before her. How can you not be enthralled? The costumes and makeup itself as a whole is a wonder in and of itself. Sparkles and sparkles galore will have your jaw dropping with the beauty and fascination of it all.

Once again Cirque Du Soliel has crafted a show that you and your family will not want to miss and will only be here for a limited time and because the entertainment is so extraordinary and quite the treat for the entire family you will not want to miss it. The show will take place at Marymoor Park in Redmond until March 24th. For more information and to purchase tickets be sure to visit:

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Have fun and I hope you enjoy the magic of the Cirque as much as I have. As a friendly reminder there is a parking fee of $15 and the seats under the bigtop are extremely close together so get ready to feel squished. There is no need to be worried about becoming cold as the big top is very well heated. Plenty of restrooms are available at the beginning of the show as well as at the intermission.