Peter Pan

Walt Disney home entertainment has brought the beloved and timeless classic “Peter Pan” to Blu-ray for the first time. The film was delighted fans the world over generation since his debut in 1953 and tells the tale of the forever young boy named Peter who whisks three siblings away to never Neverland for a fantastic adventure. Chocked with classic characters such as the infamous Capt. Hook, Tick Tock Crock, Wendy, and Tinkerbell the film is instantly endearing and captivating. As any visitor to the Disney parks will tell you, getting on the Peter Pan ride often requires a wait almost as long as that which the higher profile rides do. Surely a testament to just how beloved this tale was amongst the countless Disney Classics to have been released .

The film is a shining example of Disney at its finest as not only is the animation and story telling first-rate but the incredible musical numbers and characters only get better over time and will delight everyone in your family kids and adult alike. Younger kids of today are extremely lucky to be able to have a collection of like this available as growing up, the only way to enjoy this film outside of when it appeared in theaters, was to hope to catch it on the Wonderful World of Disney, or relive the story through picture books and records.

The three disc set features a Blu-ray, DVD , and digital copy of the film as well as a host of features which are a must for any fan or collector. Bonus features include a never before seen cene song, deleted scene, and alternate ending for the film as well as scores of featurette’s and bonus materials. The picture and sound quality is simply amazing and highlights all that Blu-ray has to offer as the film is been lovingly restored to beyond pristine condition and is a must own for fans and collectors alike.