Mini Games That Are Worth Playing

What once started as a cute add-on to couple of video games soon became a popular trend in gaming. Mini-games are “games within the game” that are used as a way to either break up the monotony of single player games or to make games more appealing. With that said, not all mini-games are created equal and today we give you some of the mini-games that ended up trumping their host game.

Red Dead Redemption – Poker

Red Dead Redemption is known for having numerous mini-games, but among the most popular of it’s mini-games is the poker mini-game. In the game you are pitted against bandits in an attempt to win as much money at the game of poker as possible. The main reason that this mini-game is loved is that it adds the feature of actually cheating at the game and if you choose to you have to try and avoid getting caught and getting into a shootout without one of your opponents.

Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Fishing

Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is among the most popular of the Zelda title, and many love it for the fishing mini-game. The concept of the game is pretty simple. You fish and whatever fish you catch can be exchanged for prizes. Described as highly-addictive, the game can be beneficial for those looking to pick up extra prizes or improve health in the game.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventures – Original Pitfall

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventures was an updated version of the classic Atari platform game Pitfall. Unfortunately, the update never really took off with fans of the original, but the developers did add a bonus mini-game that was a huge hit. The original pitfall 8-bit arcade classic is accessible as a mini-game, allowing fans of the classic game to relive their lost youth.

Super Monkey Ball – Monkey Fight

Some of the more entertaining games actually make the least sense. Case in point is Super Monkey Ball. However, the Monkey Fight mini-game is highly popular and on many critics top 10 mini-game lists. Take two monkeys, put them inside giant marbles, and try to knock each other off a cliff. Mindless, yet surprisingly satisfying.