Will E3 Make Or Break The Xbox One

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While the national media has largely written scathing responses to the pending Xbox One, Microsoft has likely entered damage control mode and has their best marketing and spin doctors hard at work on their next step.

While I was less than impressed with what we saw all is not lost for the system but it is vital that Microsoft improve the image of the console before launch especially with the heavy momentum that has already been established by their main rival Sony’s Playstation 4.

E3 is when many expected Microsoft to announce the console and due to the unexpected early announcement by Sony, we believe that Microsoft was forced to come forward earlier than they had originally planned to.

Microsoft has a June 10th Xbox event planned for E3 as the main event opens the following day in Los Angeles. This is a key moment as not only can the company do some much needed damage control, but this is a make or break time for the console as legions of media as well as key buyers will be able to get a good look at what Microsoft has to offer and will be able to ask questions.

This is not the time for Microsoft to be evasive over such topics like used games, hardware specs, launch titles, and so on. They need to put their cards on the table and sell the good points of the system rather than trying to hide areas that consumers want to know about.

For a company that had to endure lots of bad p.r. with the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death issues when the system launched, Microsoft cannot bury their heads in the sand. If they are serious when they say that the Xbox One is a gaming system, then show us. I do not care about being able to watch tv, browse the web, and use voice commands on a console if I cannot get a gaming experience that justifies the purchase price.

Perhaps I am to old school on this approach but I have always thought if there are features of a product that a company is unwilling to talk about to consumers and the media, then perhaps this should be a huge red flag that changes need to be made.

We know about Madden, Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts and the games that it will feature but for me, the success or failure of the system will depend largely on the exclusives that are offered. I play my games first and foremost on a PC and then go to the consoles for exclusives. If Halo and Gears of War are the main exclusives than for me, this is simply not enough to justify the purchase of the Xbox One at launch. E3 can do a lot to reverse the negative trending following the announcement of the system but Microsoft must go all out in the next few weeks to make sure they show off the gaming abilities of the system and not focus on trying to impress gamers with gimmicks and celebrity appearances.

The clock is ticking Microsoft, and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.