Our Geeky Last Night in Vegas

By Michelle Krater

We went to Las Vegas for a Magic The Gathering Tournament and good times. The tournament was difficult, but the good times came easy, especially when you’re in Vegas! I wanted our last night to be fun and what’s more fun than burgers and video games?!



Our destination was Insert Coin(s) on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. But Insert Coin(s) is a bar, not a grill, so we needed to grab some food before gaming our butts off. So where do you go when you want a burger in Vegas? There’s so many choices!!! But thankfully, not far from our hotel we saw a Fatburger, but not just ANY Fatburger. This was Fat Bar; a Fatburger with a bar! The only one of its kind in the country!



Fat Bar sits just outside the Fatburger on the Strip, across from the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. The bar sits in the middle with misters spraying out over the patrons to keep them cool in the heat. Music was pumping and the mood was awesome. The food menu is the same as any other Fatburger (awesome!) and the drinks were amazing. I wish all Fatburgers had a bar, but I know none would ever compare to Vegas anyway. The servers are sexy and the drinks pack a good punch. We’ll definitely come back.



So with food and drinks in our bellies, it was time to find a cab and head Downtown. It was fun to see the light show above and the free concert in the middle of Fremont Street, but our destination was video games and we were almost there!



Insert Coin(s) was tucked away behind the ziplining experience in an unassuming part of the street, but once inside you could feel the glory of the games. On the far left wall were stand up arcade machines, lining the wall all the way to the Live DJ spinning all night long! At the Beta Bar, you could sit down and play whatever games were playing on the big screens above, challenging random strangers or playing solo. But the icing on the video game cake were the tables on the right. Beautiful leathered sofas extending nearly to the ceiling, a double large screen to play two different consoles, and you won’t believe this – BOTTLE SERVICE!!! For just $50 worth of beverages, you get UNLIMITED gaming all day/night long! You can even order the Vegas experience of a lifetime with Bottle Service for your party. This must be THE place for birthday parties, because you can just keep playing!



We had an early flight the next day, but that didn’t stop us from finishing Bubble Bobble and playing Xbox 360 until 2am. We could’ve kept going, but that darn 6AM flight was staring us down. The music was awesome, the crowd was dancing – it was like a regular Vegas nightclub, but with video games! I didn’t want it to end! We may not have finished well in the Magic The Gathering tournament, but at least we had an awesome geeky night for our last night in Vegas.