By Amy-Jo Shriner


To protect and serve the living. That’s the tagline for RIPD, and that they do, but end up trashing most of Boston in the process. While the concept is interesting (though not original, anybody seea little show called Dead Like Me) the follow through is lacking.
The story centers Nick, a newly dead cop who can’t let go of his life. Ryan Reynolds seems to do the best he can with Nick, but the story is so played out, he really just looks like he’s going through the motions. Except when he is interacting with Roy. Roy is a long dead sheriff from the 1800’s with issues about how he was laid to rest. Jeff Bridges is hilarious as Roy, it’s almost as though he is doing a parody of his True Grit performance. All of the scenes I found myself laughing in where because Roy had a funny line or tirade.
Rounding out the cast are Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon, James Hong, and Marisa Miller. Parker is so dead pan and is a great foil to Bridges excitable personality. Bacon plays a dirty copwho is dirtier then anybody really knows. Hong and Miller play Reynolds and Bridges avatars, and
plenty of jokes are made about both.
RIPD may be lacking in motivating plot development, but is isn’t short on humor. It’s funny, the special effects are good, and a feel good movie with lots of action. A fun night at the movies.
2.5 state out of 5