Femme Fatales Comic Con 2013 Panel

I was one of the lucky few at San Diego Comic Con to sit down with Executive Producers Mark Altman & Steven Knozere, show’s composer Joe Kraemer and some of the cast; Tiffany Brouwer, Kristen DeLuca, Madison Dylan, Nikki Griffin and Jen Roa of the show ‘Femme Fatales’. The genuine camaraderie they all had was apparent within a minute of sitting down. And I’ll apologize now for not being able to include the audio recording, the restaurant’s ambient noise drowned out the recorded conversation.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Cinemax series ‘Femme Fatales’, like I was, this anthology series focuses on women who must use their physical and/or mental strengths to overcome a significant obstacle(s) to achieve their goal, that goal could be anything from outright revenge to just bettering one’s position. With it being an anthology series the episodes vary from one genre to the another, they’ve had drama, noir, supernatural, sci-fi, crime-drama, fantasy, horror and I’m sure I missed a few genres (there’s been 24 episodes).

The series narrator is always the same, Lilith played by Tanit Phoenix, and while the actors do usually vary from episode to episode there are a few episodes that will have past actors because some of the episodes are intertwined. Now with this being on Cinemax the women are, the following is the understatement of the century, rather attractive (hence why I said in the beginning I was one of the lucky few to sit down with them) and the episodes do usually have some nudity, among other stuff.

With all that said, do not think it is a show just for men as Nikki Griffin pointed out to us their viewing audience is 51% men and 49% women. The show is filmed mostly in Los Angeles, California, but Steven Knozere did joke about a road trip they took to Whittier, CA, for an episode. Mark Altman did state that, even though the footage was never used, they did do some filming in Barcelona, Spain while there for an awards festival. Since returning from the convention I am 7 episodes into the series and it is great. The stories are very well thought out and extremely entertaining and the cast of each episode has been phenomenal.