Will The New Star Wars Title Be Announced at D23

With the bi-annual D23 Expo scheduled to open in two days, the spotlight will fall on Disney as they use their unique showcase to announce and highlight several aspects of their company. For those who are not aware, D23 is a convention put on by Disney which allows fans to not only view and purchase a wide range of memorabilia and other items, but also to experience speakers, panels, events, and more from the rich history of the company.

With entertainment that spans from their television networks to their feature films and theme parks, there is truly something for everyone at the event as well as film and television screenings form such upcoming offerings as “Planes” and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We will be posting our coverage of the event next week but suffice it to say there is a lot going on and my brief description only scratches the surface about the good stuff the company is offering for those lucky attendees.

For me, the highlight is the showcase in the arena where the various film divisions come out and announce new films as well as treat the audience to some serious star power. Two years ago, “Planes” was announced and we also got up close looks with the creative team and cast of what were then pending films such as “Monsters University”, “Brave”, “John Carter” and some little movie called “The Avengers”. The anticipation as to which films would be announced, as well as many unexpected things was a real treat as was seeing which celebrities would appear. Jennifer Garner, Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr. and several others all made for a very enjoyable 2+ hours.

This year there is a new wrinkle to the mix and that is the addition of “Star Wars” to the Disney family. This is the first real showcase event for Disney to show off their new prize and with Marvel already teasing a big announcement at the show, I have wondered what fans of the galaxy far, far away may have in store.

With the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII due in 2015 and with Director J.J. Abrams and Producer Kathleen Kennedy already ramping up the pre-production on the film, I have to wonder what Disney will have in store for us at D23.

While they have a panel announced for Saturday evening that explores the history of Star Wars, I have to wonder if they will announce the title of the film and perhaps have J.J. Abrams on stage to tease fans and media alike about what is in store for this highly anticipated offering.


It may be wishful thinking on my part bit what better way to make a splash at the event by announcing the title for the film and perhaps showing off a logo? I know that it is likely to early in the process to announce any casting information but many I have spoken with have indicated that they expect some sort of news to come from the expo as it would be to high a profile event to miss out on especially since there was nothing offered at the recent Comic-Con International in San Diego.


Aside from the new film, this would also be a great opportunity to learn more about the new animated series, Star Wars: Rebels as well as the stand alone film and other projects that are being worked on.

One thing is for sure, we will be waiting with eager anticipation for any news and you can be sure we will share it with you the moment we hear anything.

You can learn more about the expo, purchase, tickets, and more at the link below.

D23 Expo