Captain America: The Winter Soldier D23 Expo Panel and Footage Report

During the D23 Expo in Anaheim this past weekend we were treated to a look at never before footage from the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Solder”. The first scene showed to us involved the Captain getting into an elevator and observing the people who keep entering the elevator with each stop.

The Captain could obviously sense that something was not right and quipped if anyone wanted to back out now.
A standoff ensued in the tight area and one of them apologized to him saying it was not personal. The Captain took it as such and in the confined area of the glass elevator went to town. He had a magnetic bracelet attached to one hand which caused him to be stuck to the wall. Yet despite this difficulty he was able to use his fists, feet, and shield to eventually disable his attackers.

The lights came up and Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan came out. Chris spoke about wanting to go to Disneyland with his friends which got a comment from Paul Feig about the need for him to wear a hat if he does. Feig confirmed that Stan would play The Winter Soldier who was a friend of the Captain’s in the first film but is now his enemy.
Mackie said that he would be playing The Falcon and said that they had a great time making the film.

Feig said that although the Russo brothers are not well known to fans that they have done a great job on the film and have a scene for us even though filming had just completed. The footage was excused as being rough and with temp FX but it was solid.
Agent Romanoff was trying to set a date for the Captain by telling him which members of the staff were most interested. This lead to the Captain jumping from a plane into the ocean without a parachute, Others on the crew joked about his sans chute jump.

The Captain worked his way up a chain to a freighter and took out the crew. There were several up close fights as well as stealth take outs. One classic moment went from an up close fight to a long shot showing the Captain taking people out as he quickly ran to an objective.

Despite his amazing efforts, he found himself surrounded by four enemies but thankfully his help arrived just in time.

Undaunted Romanoff counted to list possible dating options for the Captain who attempted to quiet her by saying he would look into it after the mission.

Romanoff undaunted used a zip line to travel from the top to the bottom of the ship blasting enemies as she went.
A montage scenes was also shown where Robert Redford tells the Captain that it is a new world and how he should not look at the new responses as a threat. The Captain sees the as yet unknown new S.H.I.E.L.D. option as control via a threat and does not agree with it as it seems as if new weapon systems are being deployed to force hostiles into submission.

I was very impressed with what we saw. I like the Captain and like Evans as the choice. I do not like the Boy Scout nature of the Captain and enjoyed seeing him with a more intense and brutal approach to the threats yet maintaining his morality.

We are told that he understands the modern world of tech much better now but is unsure of his place in it.
I for one cannot wait for this one.