Disney is Not Hiding The New Star Wars, Rather It Is Simply Not Yet Ready For Prime Time

Recently while covering the D23 Expo in Anaheim, I eagerly awaited the start of the live action movie preview. For those who have not had the good fortune to attend this event, it is a huge draw that fills the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center and also an overflow room where people can watch the events unfold via several large screens. The two hour event is loaded with stars and special guests as Disney unveils news, images, and first look footage of upcoming offerings from their various studios. Since this was the first D23 Expo since the company purchased Lucasfilm, fans were eager to hear what they had to say about the next “Star Wars” films.

The segment opened with a montage of footage from various film franchises and when the Lucasfilm logo appeared there was a huge round of cheers from the capacity audience. However this is when things took an odd turn. Instead of getting a title for the new film, casting news, or any new bit of information, we were told essentially what we already knew. The film is being directed by JJ Abrams, he is a good guy, they are excited for the debut in the summer of 2015 and that Michael and JJ are working on the script and it is going to be great. We were told that they wished that could tell us more but that Dark Forces are watching.

Queue an Image of Darth Vader and his Imperial March which caused fans to swell with anticipation only to be disappointed when the music ended and we were told that don’t we wish it was 2015 already and that it will be great. There was confirmation that there would be stand alone films but as anyone who has followed the news since Disney purchased Lucasfilm will know, this is old news indeed. So what did we take out of this showcase ? The 2015 release date is confirmed and that the script is being worked on. So here is what I take from that. The company cannot announce any news as there is nothing to announce.

The script is not completed as such casting has not been finalized and a start date for filming is probably not fully locked in. Yes they have scouted locales, interviewed potential actors, and reserved studio space and have started pre-production work. That being said, contracts for new cast members likely have not been finalized so as such the studio does not have anything to reveal. Kathleen Kennedy has said that this “Star Wars” would not be as secretive as past films and that the fans would be informed more during the creation process.

People have said that Disney was hiding the film for not making a bigger splash at Comic Con or the D23 Expo, but I counter that it is not a matter of hiding there simply is not anything new to tell at this date as the script, cast, and other factors have not yet been finalized. With 2015 just two years away, the clock is ticking so I would expect more news to start coming in around events such as the New York Comic Con, as well as the 2014 Comic Con International in San Diego.

As Yoda said, “patience, you must learn patience”.