Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Trailer

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse delivers new maps and modes stacked with a wild assortment of super aggressive zombie types. The Player’s objective is to collect the necessary parts to repair the escape vehicle and get the hell out of the zombie -infested areas – or die trying. Jump in solo or go co-op – with four other players – as one of the five Resistance classes. The odds are stacked against you with only one precious life to live and equipped with just a skull cracking crowbar at the start. Loot more weapons throughout the maps as well as collect fuel to use the many Ravaged vehicles.

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse features:

  • Five NEW Zombie Infested Maps – Each level has three modes of difficulty to choose from (Easy, Medium or Hard). Some say the “Hard” mode is almost impossible, even with five person co-op.
  • Multiple Zombie Types – These zombies are faster than you. Some will jump out at you. Others will alert hordes of zombies if they see you. With only one life, no one will want to be chased by a zombie horde.
  • New Vehicle Gas System for Zombie Maps – Want to take a 4×4 or other weaponized vehicles and smash through a wall of zombies? No Problem. Just make sure you loot enough fuel for the gas tank in this new game mode.
  • New Loot System – Players start with only a crowbar to crack open zombie skulls but can also loot additional random weapon pickups hidden throughout the environments. RPG’s, Chainsaws, Flamethrowers, Crossbows, Soda Bombs, Heavy Machine guns and many other traditional Ravaged weapons are available.
  • New Revive Capability for Zombie Maps – If a buddy goes down, other teammates can shoot them with the revival weapon (if they can find it on the map) before their downed friend takes their last breath.
  • Multiple Ways to Play
    • Play solo – Think you can complete all 5 maps on all 3 levels of difficulty on your own? Good Luck with that, it’s brutal.
    • Players can connect to a global network of dedicated servers to play with their friends.
    • Gamers can create their own zombie co-op games of up to five players using Steam’s Listen Server. Think five people will have a better chance at success? We hope so…
    • Players can join their buddies through Steam Friends as they might need comfort and support after being completely destroyed by the zombie hordes while playing solo.
  • New Zombie Squad – Automatically drop into a squad with better visibility to co-op buddies, and spawn directly on your squad leader. Players must be careful as they might spawn right into the path of a running zombie horde.
  • 35 New Ravaged Zombie Steam Achievements
  • Five Resistance classes to choose from

New gameplay modes and features for the Ravaged that fans know and love include:

  • New Game Mode – Teams battle each other in “Resource Run Valley”, a vehicle tug of war in the attempt to run resources across the map to their final locations without dying. Tons of jumps and obstacles block the way. This map also offers new Steam achievements.
  • New Tank Hill Thrust Map is a HUGE new level for battles between the heaviest of the Ravaged vehicles. Tank Hill supports the traditional Thrust game mode.
  • Traditional Ravaged Additions – The original game mode now includes new options to play with Listen server support (host your own games) and a new practice mode (for those who still suck at flying heli’s).
  • Ravaged Trading Cards are Now Available

Ravaged is rated “M” for mature due to the violent subject matter, and is not intended for younger audiences.