Is Jar Jar Binks Returning To The New Star Wars

With all of the talk about the lack of information about “Star Wars: Episode VII”, speculation has run wild amongst fans. Everything from return appearances from Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Emperor has been rumored and there have even been speculations that the film would not debut in 2015 as Disney had previously confirmed.

Recently I had another thought that some might find to be an even greater disturbance in the Force than the return of The Emperor, Vader, and Maul combined, and that would be the return of one Jar Jar Binks.

Ok, scream “Noooooooooooooooo!” now and get it out of your system. The much maligned character is still in play for the series as although he is a Prequel character would it be too outrageous to think that Disney might bring him back at some point in the future?

I do not think he would appear for Episode VII as with so much on the line I am sure the studio would want to remove anything that fans would likely react to in a negative way.

However seeing that there are future stand alone films and other projects out there, I could see family friendly Disney look to return the character to the series as the merchandise options for younger fans may be too tempting to pass up.

I would expect that should Jar Jar return he would be an older, wiser character who has lost much of his clumsiness as he has returned to being a representative after the assumed reformation of the Galactic Senate.

If the Skywalker connection to Anakin and Vader has become public knowledge by the time of Episode VII, would it not make sense that Jar Jar serves Leia and Luke as they are the children of his friend Anakin and Padme and he also may still feel he owes a debt to the Jedi order for the actions of Qui Gon and Obi Wan?


While I am sure the focus will be on characters from the original series and the new characters presented for the sequels with a vast and rich universe of characters to pick from it could happen. Never overlook the value of characters to appeal to children as that is the Disney way and despite his loathing amongst older viewers, many younger viewers enjoyed the goofy character.

While I think it is unlikely his fate has never been explored and he was seen often on the animated Clone Wars series which shows that the character was still considered important enough to include and may yet figure into future plans.