Shadow Warrior Hands on Preview From PAX Prime 2013

Back in the days when a 486 CPU was thought of as high end and when the Pentium processors were tech for early adapters gamers loved delved into the early days of online gaming via modem and made such games as Duke Nukem 3D a classic.

Eager to continue the success of Duke, the developers at 3D Realms created a bawdy and violent game called Shadow Warrior that told the story of Lo Wang and his battle against enemies real and supernatural.

The game was ultra violent and contained a lot of images, phrasing and other content that was considered highly offensive. Since Duke was able to get away with it, the developers were surprised by the negative backlash on the game in the newly emerging politically correct movement.

Sadly the mix of dated gameplay and controversy caused the game to fail but in 2013 Lo Wang is set to return.

This time, a new and modern look and theme for the game is what gamers have to look forward to and during our coverage at PAX Prime, I was invited to take part in a hands on session for the game.

The developers told me that this time out there is no multiplayer mode as they said Call of Duty and the big guys have that locked down and they wanted to focus on making the game as good as they could which includes an estimated 12 hours of gaming to complete the campaign.

Lo Wang is back but this time his humor is less racially offensive as he does not speak with broken English and instead makes quips about his situations and name.

He is a sports car driving badass who while making a delivery is attacked by thugs forcing him into action. Using his Katana sword, Wang still challenges people by asking them “Who wants some Wang” but this time he eviscerates and cleaves with deadly skill and precision any who get on his bad side.

Players will be able to collect coins and other items of use such as keycards to gain access to other areas and to purchase better weapons such as a crossbow with remote detonated bombs which are an update from the sticky bombs of the original.

Graphically the game shines as all manner of natural beauty shines and the enemies provided a sufficient challenge to me though I did not die once during the demo.

Locating statues allows Wang to learn new skills he can purchase. Some allow new and devastating sword moves while others offer new offensive and defensive powers that greatly aid in battle.

The game is due in late September via Steam for the PC only at this time though the developers have stated they would be open to consoles should the opportunity arise. The game is a visually enjoyable update that tells its own tale yet retains the fun of the original, complete with an Easter egg that contains a hidden room from the original done in the old style graphics.