Does The Tokyo Game Show PS 4 Issues Show That Both Sony and Microsoft Still Have Work To Do

This past week at the Tokyo Game Show it was reported that the Playstation 4 system failed to respond to a command during a demonstration which created some awkward moments and fuel for Xbox One supporters who have endured much negativity towards their system.

Technology is often a tricky thing to fine tune and balance as Microsoft has had their share of snafus such as the notable Crash of Windows 98 during a conference that left Bill Gates to fume on stage as he was publicly humiliated after touting the stability and features of the system.

Trade shows are a tricky thing as technology failues are not uncommon. For instance as anyone who has attended Comic Con can tell you, getting cell phone service in and around the convention center can be a nightmare. I was preparing to do a radio segment this year and could not get a stable signal at the Marina behind the center due to the masses all attempting to get online. I saw vendor after vendor trying to get their Square or other online payment systems to connect by futilty waving them in the air. So, the wifi or lack there of as well as huge demands on the network can easily effect a system.

Despite the wave of negativity I got for an article I did on tech issues I saw and heard about at Comic Con 2013 I would point out that both systems are likely to have their share of issues at launch. The systems have reportedly begun shipping to retail locations as there was a report a couple of weeks ago about the first pallet of Xbox One units being prepared for shipment.

As anyone who has followed tech knows, many features are not always live or stable at launch. This is often due to time and money constraints as developers look to resolve the issues via updates post launch. Apple had issues with Face Time, video games often need patches to get multiplayer and other features to work properly, Xbox 360 was plagued by Red Ring of Death issues, Windows 8 has many issues, and Nintendo had various features of the Wii U such as Wii TV not working as planned .

Early adapters of both consoles are sure to experience some frustrations as it is almost a guarantee that the systems will have features that will not work as advertised at launch. The key for both Sony and Microsoft is to not try to hide the issues be honest with consumers and address and resolve the problems in a timely fashion.


I have faith in Sony and have been very impressed with what I have seen atE3, Comic Con, and PAX, and have already ordered units. As we have discussed with the XBox One, I am chosing to take a wait and see attitude with it, but I have been impressed with the recent changes they have stepped up and made with the console.

Companies need to remember that consumers are in many ways a business partner as with their purchase they have invested in a company and as such, I believe they deserve the truth. Do not hire P.R. firms to find the best spin to put on issues in order to shape public opinion, own up to it and be honest. The time and effort you spend trying to put a spin on an issue could be best suited to resolving the issue.

As we get closer to the November launches for both consoles, the world will be watching with increased scrutiny and the reported issues from the Tokyo Game Show clearly indicates the need to not rest as there is still plenty of work left to do.