Xbox One and Playstation 4 Fans Need To Call Off The Dogs and Focus On The Games

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With just over a month until the new consoles launch, intensity amongst fans and developers is almost as furious over the excitement over the potential of the new systems.

Fans have been very passionate about their consoles and have taken to the net to endorse their system of choice and to passionately defend any whom they believe is slighting their system.

Equally supporters of one system have been quick to jump on any perceived weakness of the opposing system and take every opportunity to undermine the competition whenever they can. This has reached such an epic level that Microsoft has reportedly hired people to scour the web to talk up the pending Xbox One and to undermine or remove any negative information about the system.

One can only suspect that Sony may be doing the same thing as with so much money and careers on the line, a smooth and successful launch window is key for both Sony and Microsoft.

While fans are unlikely to change their tune and have their purchase plans swayed by articles they read online and in magazines, it is key to remember that fans need to use their heads and not their hearts when making their purchasing decision.

I have seen the flames and been on the receiving end of fans who do not like what I or others had to say about an system. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and point of view, I do find it odd that people who have never seen the systems up close, have never played any of the games, or have held the controllers can tell me and other reviewers that we are wrong about something that we wrote.

I played the PC version of Dying Light using an Xbox One control and I noted how the developer I demoed the game with stated to me that he did not like the control and wanted change. I noted how I had some issues with the bumpers and liked the 360 ones better and was flooded with hateful comments.

You would think that I had called out the Pope with the vitriol I was getting over something as insignificant as a reaction to a controller.

People have been so fast to label journalists as “Fanboys” or on the payrolls of respective companies that they forget that people who write erroneous information on purpose have to deal with the companies themselves as with so much on the line they are not going to let information that is not factual remain up if they can help it.

On the other side, I have had people who represent the companies pass along disparaging remarks about their competition. This happened to me with the release of the Playstation 3 where I remember an Microsoft contractor telling me flat out that the PS 3 did not work and have been catching on fire during testing to people telling me that the Xbox One had been locking up and bugging out at a convention.

So where does that leave journalists and consumers? Simple, the proof is in the play. As to me, there is not much more that can be said either for or against either one of the systems as now is the time to focus on the performance, stability, and the games that are coming.

Both fans and the companies need to put away their guns, call off the dogs, and let the systems stand or fall on their own abilities as I for one would rather spend my time playing all the awesome looking games instead of worrying about which system is better.

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