Family Guy: Volume 11

Family Guy is back with an all-new 11th volume from 20th Century Fox home entertainment. The loaded collection contains 23 uncensored episodes and footage not seen during their broadcast. The three disc set also features commentary by the writers of the show as well as some great outtakes and a hysterical readers mail section. For those who are not familiar with the show, it follows the exploits of the Griffin family as the childish and impulsive Peter watches over his brood of kids including awkward Chris, neurotic Meg, homicidal and maniacal Stewie, and Brian the talking dog. His long-suffering wife Lois has to endure his outrageous and lame brained schemes which tend to have a habit of blowing up in their face and drag in their best friends Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, and anyone else who’s caught in the backlash.
The show combines outrageous and at times shocking comedy that is never afraid to tackle any topic and does not pull its punches.

It routinely satirizes pop culture past and present often with at times vicious and razor-sharp focus but is never one to play it safe. Picture and sound quality of the collection is first rate and for me the bonus features alone are worth the price of owning the set the fact that you get 23 top-notch episodes as well is merely icing on the cake. Cate Blanchett, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen Page, and Ricky Gervais appear and the jokes fly fast and frequent and this left-field collection.

The picture and sound quality are first rate and the move to present the show in HD was definitely a smart decision as it absolutely jumps off the screen at you with dazzling clarity

Fans of the show or an animated comedy will not want to miss volume 11 of this series especially the clever episode where Stewie and Brian time travel back to the pilot episode.