Lemon Otter is part of the Monty Python-esque comedy group ThonColin. The troupe’s comedy skits, available online, are spurring much talk among the comedy community.

You do what you do – make hilarious short films – because of Christopher Guest. What is it about Guest’s films that inspired you to take this path?

I saw Spinal Tap as a teenager – about forty times. I loved the understated comedy- the stuff that goes on in the background of a scene, the borderline “Is this a real band?!” and the thrill of knowing that the dialogue is being made up on the spot, at the time of recording. As kids, my sisters and I were constantly inventing characters, recording ‘radio’ shows onto tapes, making up songs- all improvised- a truly natural and funny way to make comedy. When I saw that Christopher Guest was making whole films this way, I found it hugely inspirational.

Do you hope to eventually go from making shorts to making full-length features?

We just make what makes us laugh; that could be a 1 minute sketch, a 20 minute mockumentary or a full-length feature film. Our latest creation ‘Boogaloo’ is feature length.

How do you finance these projects?

It’s surprisingly cheap! Props and wigs are from Ebay. We rarely ask permission to film anywhere – I use a small camcorder so I look like a tourist. This way I can film in public places without drawing attention to myself. If a character needs to be in a pub, disco, library or restaurant, we just blag our way in and start filming! Actors and extras are friends and family so they come for free, and the added bonus with that is we’re all comfortable improvising together.

Of your films, do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

It’s strange- my favourite film is always the one we are currently working on, as it’s still making us laugh. I don’t actually often go back and re-watch many of the films once they’re finished and online, simply because the newer ideas are always so exciting. Having said that, I am very proud of ‘Menialism- The Private View’. The flashbacks in it are genuine; it really did take 20 years to make!

Where can people find out more about you and see these wonderful films?

You’re so sweet. Go look at and follow the links there to our YouTube and Facebook sites.