How to Fix Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. From Losing More of It’s Audience

It seems odd to suggest that fixes are needed for a show that is doing well in the ratings and has already received a huge show of support from it’s network in the form of a full season order. However despite solid ratings I think there is concern and a need to improve Marvel’s Agents of Shield series.

After a few episodes the series has failed in my opinion to live up to the potential of the series. When it was first announced, I had visions of super powered heroes and villains battling it out in a tense action drama series.

What we have had so far however is basically a spy drama series that in my opinion has been hampered by casting. The supporting cast is simply to bland to be as engaging as the subject matter deserves.

I am beyond thrilled that Clark Gregg returns as agent Coulson, but in my opinion he is a supporting actor and character that is being saddled with the task of being a lead and carrying a series which is not playing to his strengths.

Disney has a lot invested in the series as it is a costly and vital cog in their long and short turn plans for Marvel. The show need to find a direction that supports what fans expect. Let us seeing ongoing story arcs, returning characters, and unexpected twists and turns.

I think the show would benefit by having some super-powered guests show up and be used as a way not only to promote upcoming Marvel films but as a way of testing the waters with some of the lesser characters in the Marvel universe.

I know this presents the potential issues of casting actors and making them appear in both television and future films or having different actors portray characters on the big and small screens. There are plenty of lesser characters that could pop in from time to time to spice things up.

Give us stories that we care about. I am sorry, a missing scientist and a mysterious object are a bit lazy in terms of storytelling. The premises are fine but go somewhere with them. Give the audience some unexpected twists. There are no shortage of threats in the Marvel universe, so lets have something better than some rebels trying to get an artifact. I would love to see some FX laden battles with threats that Coulson and his crew cannot handle which forces them to call in some of the bigger guns.

As for the supporting cast, not much can be done with them, but I would have to say that the fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents along for the ride have been about as exciting as watching paint dry. They have very little personality and as such I find that I really do not care about them or their fates. This is not something that an audience should have so shortly into a series and I have to wonder if those characters were really the best they could do especially with so many resources to call upon.

Series creator Joss Whedon did such great work with Firefly, Buffy, Angel and even Dollhouse, which to date have all been better in terms of quality and interest than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in my opinion. Those shows had clever writing, great action, and dynamic, quirky and fun characters. All of which the new show is lacking.

Agents May and Ward are almost from action writing 101, gruff people with a softer side who have mysteries in their pasts that we are supposed to be interested in.

While the ratings have been solid they have dropped every week since the premiere’s 15.8 million views with the recent episode showing that almost a third of the audience has been lost since the premiere.

I expect that the sweeps weeks in November and February will result in some more action oriented shows with some special guests but for now, the show will have to continue to evolve and work to improve if it wants to maintain it’s audience and live up to the potential it has as well as the expectations of fans.



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