SEGA PR Refuses to Comment on Alien: Isolation Rumors

When news came out today of the next Alien game called Isolation and centered around the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the reaction of the gaming world was piqued yet filled with questions. I contacted our reps with Sega about the story and said we would be up for doing an interview, magazine cover, and other coverage of the game.


My first contact said she would contact “Tyler” who would in turn get back to me when they were able to do more on the game. This is all fairly standard but not two minutes later I was sent this reply.


Tyler forwarded me this


We’re not commenting on the rumors that sprung up today

So while companies being caught without a response when news leaked is nothing new, the fact that they were so quick to call it a rumor and not a story or report and the fact that they responded as quickly as they did does raise eyebrows.

After the mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines I can see why SEGA wants to do this one right.