Phoenix Zoo Howl-O-Ween

Just in time for Halloween, The Phoenix Zoo brings their annual celebration of scares, lights, games, and music for the 2013 Howl-O-Ween. The event combines numerous Halloween events ranging from haunted trails to trick or treating for the kids.

Using various scares rated 1-3 on the intensity scale, guests are sure to find someting for every taste. We really enjoyed running through the staw maze of Fields of Fear and watching the Scarecrows pop out and scare unsuspecting guests. I also enjoyed walking the trails

of the zombie infestied trails almost as much as I enjoyed taking in the Yetis and Vampires that roamed their enviornments.

Younger guests will want to take part in the carnival games for a chance to win some prizes and will also want to ride the carousel, Hay Ride, and Zoo Train which are available for an additional and slight charge and are in the spirit of the event with a Halloween theme.

For my wife and I, we also like to take the time to stroll around, see the sights and watch the guests taking in the event as the mixture of laugter and screams is always very rewarding. Walking down a dark trail to find a chain dragging demon or headless rider atop his mount really makes for a complete Halloween experience.

There are also some special events such as a magic show and a paranormal experience which is one of the most chilling events at the event but one that is not to be missed.

There is plenty of snack options but I highly suggest the Kettle Corn which is always a treat. Older guests may find the scares a bit milder than they would get at more traditional haunted houses and events but to expect that at Howl-O-Ween is to miss the point.

The variety of events comes at a price that is less than other area Haunted Houses and provides far more variety and a very affordable and enjoyable event that will provide hours of entertainment.

The event is for families and does a great job of offering something for everyone. Seeing the bridge into the zoo covered in fog while monsters greated guests was just the right touch to set the mood.


You can get details on the 2014 show and other events at the Zoo at