Geeking Out With Film Icon Jacqui Holland

She’s significantly more attractive than most of us, but movie icon

Jacqui Holland assures Skewed and Reviewed that she’s 100% geek.

The actress, whose many credits include My Best Friend’s Girl and

the upcoming Thor movie God of Thunder, tells us how her love

of everything cartoon, pop-culture and ‘Damien’ led to a career in

modelling, acting and now, producing.


First of all, thank you for making horror, comic-book movies and

everything pop-culture sexy! Based on the type of films you’re in,

and what you’re producing yourself, I take it you’re a bit of a geek

at heart like the rest of us? Did you grow up on a diet of horror

films, comics and games?


Yep, you guessed it I am a bit of a geek! My favourite cartoon

was totally Sailor Moon. Movies like Heathers, Jawbreaker and

The Craft totally shaped me. My first dog was named Damien

because I was obsessed with The Omen. Did I mention my

favourite author ever was John Saul?


Ok, we’re sold! You’ve a comic-book movie, God of Thunder

due out in December. How familiar were you with the world of

Thor before auditioning for that one?


Truthfully, I really didn’t know too much about Thor. But I’ve

wanted to start doing more action films… so I was super stoked

to play Thor’s girlfriend.


So, you say you play his girlfriend, which character is that?


I play Thor’s love interest Freya. She drives big-ass, trucks,

vans and cars to help Thor find Loki. It should be coming out

this Christmas on VOD.

We can’t wait! Having appeared in so many other people’s

movies over the years, you’re now appearing in your own.

When did you decide to start producing and why?


About four years ago I started producing sketches, shorts

and iphone apps, with that, I realized creating was one of my

favourite things to do in the world. After doing a lot of other

people’s films, I realized with a good team we were capable of

creating our own films. In my opinion there’s nothing more that

I’d like to do then create worlds for people to play with me in.


Definitely! Tell us a little bit about your production company and

how was it was formed.


My Production Company is called MindFuc Films and like

it sounds we’re creating films that are so twisted they fuc

your mind up. I formed the company after my most recent

film I produced and starred in “Two Faced”. After it was

done shooting one of the Producer’s Ken Tayloe and the

first AD Ben Rotast and I all decided we wanted to keep

making films like Two Faced over and over and over again.

It was one of the best shoots of my life!


That one sounds good! What other kind of projects are you

developing over there?


We are developing dark and twisted entertainment with dark

comedy undertones. I am working with a handful of writers

to develop some of the twisted ideas I dream about and have

swimming in my mind.


What’s the hardest part of making your own movie? What have

you found to be a bit of a challenge?


The hardest part of making movies in my opinion is making

great quality on a limited budget. I want to be able to tell a great

story that makes you think about it the next day. In order to

accomplish this you sometimes have to work 14 hours days in

the middle of the night which, can be hard on everyone, but in

the end it’s totally worth it.


If people want to find you on the web, to keep abreast of all

your movements and new ventures, where can they find you?

I update my fan page all the time with upcoming films and

shoots. Also,

and MindFuc Films coming

December 2013!